The Perfect Balance Of Muscle, Affordability & Quality

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The Perfect Balance Of Muscle, Affordability & Quality

Buying a new 2WD & 4WD diesel tractor in Queensland or Australia?

It’s a mixed bag of choices many lifestyle, hobby and small commercial farmers after cost-effective tractors to improve efficiency and productivity struggle with.


Well, there’s plenty of businesses importing and selling tractors, that’s not the problem.

The problem is that many are selling them without knowing whether they comply with Australian regulations or not, what sort of quality they are, and they have no experience using them.

That’s the problem.

At Elite Tractors we don’t sell tractors like that. We like to show people that it is possible to get an affordable tractor that offers a great feature set and reliable build quality without being confused by a myriad of different models or trying to profit with countless “add ons”.

And this belief and culture of ours works pretty well for our clients and us.

We’re not the biggest tractor wholesaler in Brisbane or Australia, but we like it that way. Small is personal, small is affordable, and small is cost saving, as we don’t have the costs larger dealerships do.

And we know tractors. Importing them direct, saving people money and selling them for some of the best prices in Australia is what Elite Tractors does best.

How and why do we do this?

Proven manufacturer support. Our tractor manufacturers are committed to understanding the Australian people’s and farmer’s needs and market. They make regular visits to ensure they keep abreast of the unique conditions Australia presents.

Anyone can build a tractor to a price. At the end of the day something has to be sacrificed for that cost saving, whether that cost saving is using cheaper components, thinner materials or even lower grade steels. Elite Tractors is the perfect balance of quality and affordability.

What do you need to look for before buying a new 2WD & 4WD diesel tractor?

That’s a big question with a lot of variable answers, for the simple reason different that people use tractors for different tasks.

One great point to keep in mind before buying 4WD or 2WD diesel tractor is to find out what is powering and driving your tractor. Elite Tractors utilises European designed engines to ensure durability and longevity of your investment. Additionally, it is also easy to source the spare parts for our tractors, unlike others you may buy.

Warranties. Some tractor warranties are not that great. All Elite tractors come with a 1000-hour warranty extended engine and power train warranty.

Tractor engine warranty – In the case of the engine, your warranty also covers the engine crankcase, crankcase pan, cylinder head, rocker arm cover, timing gear cover and all components fully enclosed within these units.

Power train warranty – In the case of the power train our warranty covers the transmission, differential, final drives, drive axles, front axles, power take-off and clutch housings and components enclosed therein, with the exception of the clutch assembly.

So these are just a few of the things to consider before buying a new tractor.

Have a question about our new 2WD and 4WD diesel tractors?

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You can also send an email to us at office@elitetractors.com.au or

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