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Who Uses Elite Tractors, Chermside Queensland?

Our mission is to deliver reduce your workload & price, not performance with personal service and wholesale pricing on 2WD and 4WD diesel Tractors

Some of the people using our tractors include

• Hobby farmers – From erecting fences to rubbish removal to feeding animals and the thousand and one other chores to do on your hobby farm.

Hobby farmers all over Australia use Elite Tractors because they have some of the best safety features; they save thousands on the purchase price buying direct and value our years of experience in farming and tractors.

This combined with European engines to ensure durability and longevity of your investment also makes it east to source any spare parts for our tractors.
• Small commercial farmers – With a range of 40hp, 55hp and 70hp 2WD & 4WD diesel tractors to choose from small commercial farmers love our tractors over others because they are the perfect cost-effective solution to improve efficiency and productivity.

With 4 in 1 buckets as standard, quality drum brakes so you can stop easily and avoid getting mud in your brakes to ROPS cabs made to Australian standards and large deep grip tyres.

These are just some of the many wonderful features and benefits why small commercial farmers choose Elite Tractors over others because our tractors deliver the muscle and power they need to get a variety of different jobs done.

• Horse studs & Equestrian Clubs – With a tractor at your horse stud or equestrian centre you’ll save you a lot of time. And having an Elite Tractor will save you a lot of money because you’re buying direct.

From scraping to drilling to towing to cleaning out stables with an Elite Tractor behind you’ll reduce physical workload, potential personal injury and get the job done in half the time.

• Landscaping Services – Use our 40hp, 55hp and 70hp 2WD & 4WD diesel tractors so they can load and unload safely, simply and quickly.

With up to a 2700mm dump height on our 70hp model so you can load trucks or pile things up higher and easier, quick release bucket, no deposit finance and other benefits, landscaping services find an Elite Tractors pays for itself in a very short time.

• Tractor retailers – With fierce competition tractor retailers in Australia are looking to cut their tractor purchasing costs without cutting quality. This is why Elite Tractors are appealing to them.

With wholesale pricing, extensive knowledge of the farming and tractor industry and being able to brand their tractors for them with their logo, these are just some of the reasons tractor retailers come to Elite Tractors. Other reasons are they can place a mixed order of different sized tractors, we can source the particular tractor they need if needed and all our tractors are made to Australian standards.

Which make them a great investment because they reduce their tractor purchasing costs keep more of their cash flow and increase profit margins.

Elite Tractors also supply tractors to construction services such as concreting, plumbing and building services, road maintenance companies and others who use tractors for private, commercial or retail purposes.

Have a question about our new 2WD and 4WD diesel tractors?

Please phone us Elite Tractors Chermside Queensland on 1300 821 117
You can also send an email to us at office@elitetractors.com.au or

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